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The Story So Far

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The Misfits - 2D beings that belong to a 3D world called Terra-Nebula. If you’re a Misfit, you’re different. Is that a bad thing? F#ck no. You don’t fit in with the crowd, you see the world differently, and you don’t care what others think.


But not everyone on Terra-Nebula symbolizes being a Misfit. Some feel the weight of being different - being another brick in the wall is their safe space, but that’s cool too, right?


Then there are those who enjoy living outside the box. With confidence, charisma, and swagger oozing out of them - they embody being a Misfit in every sense of the word.


1500 of these Misfits were handpicked to go on an adventure of a lifetime. One that would change their worlds entirely. Each Misfit received an envelope, inside of which was a Red Pill, a Blue Pill, and a letter that read


"You're chosen. Pick a pill and see how far this rabbit hole goes -Bob"


Ancient Misfits text read that there will come a day when Bob presents the chosen few with the pills that guide them to the great beyond. The Misfits only had one thought - “F#ck yeah, Bob. I’m in”


End of Scene 1…

Ok. But Who The F#ck is Bob?

It is known across Terra Nebula that Bob is the one true Misfit who helps transcend other Misfits beyond this world.


Bob is not just a person. Bob is an experience. Bob is an adventure. Bob is a Degen.

Why Misfits_.png

The theme of the artwork represents being different. It shows you that standing out isn’t a bad thing, it’s actually dope AF.


Be a Misfit in a world full of Apes and Skeletons.


We want to bring to this ecosystem a brand that is known for delivering unique and high-quality artwork and for bringing a creative storytelling experience using NFTs where our holders get to participate, and experience firsthand, the outcomes of their decisions.




At the end of Scene 1 The Misfits receive an Envelope from Bob. They must choose between the Red Pill or the Blue Pill.


Each holder will receive this choice.

1 NFT held = 1 choice


Since this is a free choice, the rarity of the pills will be decided by our holders. Example - If 70% of holders pick the Red Pill, then the Blue Pill automatically becomes rarer. Thus your Blue Pill GEN2 Misfit will also be rarer.


Do not be fooled by the Matrix. There is no right answer. There is only the adventure that awaits each Misfit.



Our Roadmap is structured to bring value and utility to our holders in different forms. Staying true to our core, the Misfits not only bring Artistic Value, but also provides our holders the opportunity to Stake as well as the power to decide the finale of the Misfits.


01. The Vault 2.png
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The Vault


Misfits love art!

We will be acquiring 1/1 NFTs from emerging

artists in this space and airdropping them to our holders on a weekly basis.

02. Physical Art Giveaways.png
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Physical Art Giveaways

Did we say Misfits love art?

Holders stand a chance

to win Physical artwork created by our artist to

put up in your house or basement (we don’t judge).


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Holders can stake their NFTs to earn $Pillz. For more information about Staking and $Pillz check out



04. Solo Project.png
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Access to Solo Projects

Holders of the Misfits Origins collection will be given early access to our artists very own limited-supply NFT collection.

05. Misfits Merch Store.png
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Misfits Merchandise Store

The Misfits are out here building a brand! The final look of the merch will be decided by the DAO and a percentage of sales will be re-distributed to our holders.

06. The Choice.png
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The Choice

The Misfits story continues!

The Misfits must now choose which pill they want - The Red or Blue. The Misfits are ready. Are you?

07. Scene 2 Begins.png
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Scene 2 Begins

The Misfits swallow the pill and they’re down the rabbit hole.


Hold on to whatever you can, shit is about to get wild.



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01. Nihal RL.png

Samuel - CEO

Sabby MF.jpeg
03. Sabby RL.png

Sabby - Traffic & Marketing Strategist

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03. Akhila RL.png

Akhila - Art Director

Hassan MF.jpeg
05. Hassan RL.png

Hassan - Finance